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Don's Mobile Wash LLC
Image is Everything!

Spokane's only automated mobile friction wash!


At your location, our trained crews will clean Docks, Marinas and Ports and get rid of old mold, mildew, moss, grease, ground in dirt, loose debris.  We can brighten up your concrete driveways, docks and walkways to keep your business looking clean and professional.

Keeping your business property clean and bright can have some definite advantages:

  • Maintains your concrete by getting rid of moss that will get into the cracks and ruin your concrete.
  • Keeps your property looking sharp for new and existing customers and keeps a professional image.
  • Keeps people from slipping and falling on your property when areas get slimy and slippery especially on marinas

  • We can also clean overseas containers and equipment on your ports of call to keep your business looking it's best.


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