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Your home is your pride and joy!  It's where you and your family live!  Take care of it and it will take care of you!  Keeping the roof in shape is a priority and depending on the composition of your roof, it will take more or less attention.  Our crew will do a professional job to get rid of the moss, clean out the gutters and rinse off the house.

  • Composition roofs like the one in the left first position are easier to take care of and will last you 20-30 years or more if you give them a little attention.  When they discolor or grow mold it's time to get them cleaned.
  • If you wait to long, moss will grow under the composition shingle tabs and after time will crack them.   This will severely shorten the life off your roof.
  • Same goes with cedar shake or shingle wooden roofs as shown below.  Moss builds under the ends of the shakes and the weather distorts the shakes and shingles.  When they are put to the test for too long they crack and break from stress and again loose life of your roof.
  • Cedar shakes can however be replaced but have to be done carefully and can be expensive!
  • After pressure washing a cedar shake or shingle roof it is best to put a coat of some type of oil or sealant on them to rejuvenate the wood and help it to last as long as possible and helps them lay flat again.
  • Their are some limitations to the cleaning and if the roof is in very bad shape we may not be able to clean it.
    One of our crew will come out and give you a quote on how much it will cost, approximately how long it will take and if / and when it can be done.




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